Artistic Practice and Teaching
I have been working for over forty years in a number of mediums and formats including drawings with ink on paper examining spatial phenomena, furniture that incorporates video display of motion graphics, furniture designs in experimental translucent materials and collaboration with robotic drawing to produce folded paper spatial installations. 
My work has been exhibited nationally- in New England, New York, and Chicago in commercial and academic galleries and corporate spaces, and in special exhibitions in South Korea and forthcoming in China. My work is in corporate, museum, and private collections in Chicago, Boston, and New York. 
I am also a professor teaching Spatial Dynamics in the Experimental and Foundation Studies Division at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island where I work with first year students, all levels of undergraduate and graduate students in departments of design and fine art across the college and with RISD/Brown dual degree students. I have also been a visiting artist teaching special projects in the International Art and Design Program at the Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul, South Korea, a visiting professor in China in the International Master of Fine Arts Program at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, and visiting lecturer at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts.